My life has never been rosy but I am the one that planted the roses I wanted to walk on someday. Doing all these hasn’t been easy; it comes with a price you have to pay. I would have killed my dream if I gave up. I don’t give up because even the dead have a hope that he will be buried by the family members because if they don’t do it will smell so why should I give up.
Born Reuben Griffiths Bekoe on august 1st 1994 in Takoradi(Ghana) had my
education at West Ridge schools, then to Shama senior high where I graduated in 2009. I have 2 brothers and an elder sister. Lost my parents in Dad (April 26, 2005) & mom (July 1,
2006). I have always seen the
positive in and from the negatives. This has been possible because I try my
best not to be a victim of my past and errors but to learn from it. We know that before we get a good picture we have
to get it from the negative film,
so always see only the positives. There were times I had to walk about two
miles in the morning  to the farm to bring cassava to town to sell before going to school. That couldn’t weigh me down because I knew what I wanted in life. I remember I had to copy peoples note to get money to buy a set square for pre-technical skills in fact that made me learn as I copy the notes, so you see a positive in a negative. You are asking where were my family members which I will get you a new definition for family as ‘’ not people you are related to by blood but someone who Loves you, respects you and wants you in his life.’’

………… my story continues.

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