I would love to share with all my readers some life lessons of a friend in his short stay here. ?
1⃣ Don’t marry someone today with the hope of changing them tomorrow. Have you ever seen a ‘boneshaker’ being remodeled into a BMW before? ?
2⃣ Take life seriously.? If you don’t treat life with all urgency today, you may need to treat it as an emergency tomorrow. For Heaven’s sake, you are not an ambulance! ?
3⃣ Christianity is not about the cross hanging on your neck…  but the cross hanging in your heart.☺ Your life is the only sermon someone may ever watch.
If your business is not to be a walking church, you have no business walking into church! ?
4⃣ Respect each man you meet on the street. Great men don’t wear tags. :)If respect doesn’t cost a thing, why withhold it from others anyway!?✅
5⃣ Invest in your dream budget… not dream gadget! Enough said. ?
6⃣ Purity is humanly possible. Stay pure… not because of an absence of opportunity to do wrong… but a presence of morality to do right! ?
7⃣ Baobab takes hundreds of years to grow. It doesn’t mean it is useless, for instance, in its tenth year. It is only growing. ?
Morale. Don’t compare yourself with others.❌ We all have different harvest seasons.
8⃣ There are five senses. The sixth sense you need is the sense of humor. Tease yourself. Laugh at yourself sometimes. Find humor even in a rumor! ?
9⃣ Be humble. ✅Look down on no one. People grow taller. Times change. It took Joseph only a day to move from being a prisoner of a palace to a governor of that same palace! ?
? Your destiny revolves around your company. If you want to change your future tomorrow, change your friends today! ???
Kobina Ansah is a playwright, an entrepreneur and a columnist with Ghana’s most read weekly newspaper, The Mirror. His upcoming play is #MyWifeInLaw


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