Many ladies mistake boys or guys for men. Many say all men are equal, but I ask, “Have you tried all men?” If you have how do you expect one to stay with you when you have messed with others. We have different categories of men. A man is who you make him. We are humans not saints. We err and not perfect so we may need our other pair to make us whole. Accept us the way we are and you will know who a man is.
Below are 12 facts about men I want to share with you;
1. NOT ALL MEN BUT… No matter how good of a woman you are, if another woman walks by. with a sexy body(relative), most men will look.
2. It’s not all about the thrill of the chase.  Men get tired of having to chase a woman. hoping that she might say, “Yes.” Sometimes. dating is just as exhausting to a man as it is to a woman.
3. We do not read minds. Tells us what you want us to know. If you need something done,  say it.
4. A man will marry when the right woman comes along. Until then, most women are just. placeholders.
5. Not all men think with their lower head. Many of us think logic over emotions. Emotionally, sex and a relationship with you might be good, but logically we are trying to see if a relationship with you has any type of longevity.
6. Most men want a woman that has some characteristics of her mother. This includes a woman who can raise a family, because no nation can rise higher than its women.
7. If you’re a loud-mouthed ratchet, chances are men will have sex with you, but they are
going to leave you at home to avoid embarrassment.
8. If we love you, there is nothing we won’t do for you in order to make you happy. That includes holding your purse while you go to the ladies room.
9. Some men just don’t know or understand the value of a good woman. There is nothing that you can do with those types. You simply have to pass him up and maybe circle back around after he matures. Maturity is what changes a man, not a woman.
10. Men want a woman that he can trust will always be there for him, to uplift him, to actually care and to be honest with him. He
wants to know that she is playing on the same team.
11. Men lie – whether it’s a small lie or a big lie, sometimes men lie to avoid hurting your feelings. If you don’t think you look good in
that dress, then you probably don’t.
12. Men do not spend their lives looking for a sacred virgin. A man wants to be pleased, so a woman with experience is most desirable.
That’s not to say that a woman with 200,000 miles with a wide-open tank that’s almost on E
is appealing, because she’s absolutely not!

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