There are zillions of articles on the must-dos of successful people. But there are also things that they don’t do, and they can be just as
important on your path to success.
They don’t:
• Spend precious time feeling sorry for themselves. They take responsibility and don’t complain. After a setback, you’ll hear ‘em say, “Oh well.” And then they move on.
• Cringe at change. They in fact embrace change and consider it a challenge. To them, an environment filled with the possibilities of change is the best to work in because it has energy and can bring out the best in people.
• Acquiesce their power. They understand that their strength revolves around their skills at
managing how they respond. Power means keeping control of your emotions and actions, and that is not something you want to put in anyone else’s hands.
• Spend time or energy on stuff that is out of their hands. A successful person will probably
not whine about long lines, traffic or others.
These are things they can’t control, and to spend precious time and energy on them is fruitless.
• Fear risks. It’s not that they will jump into something… they will take a calculated risk. They will weigh the benefits against the risks before they go all in or step away.
• Worry about that others think. That’s not to say they won’t speak up or defend their position. They just tend to be fair and even
kind as they navigate their way through a situation where someone could get upset. It’s
called finesse.
• Make the same mistake. A successful person learns from a failure or loss and doesn’t let it
happen again. They won’t try to get different results from the same actions.
• Live for glory days. They don’t dwell on things that happened long ago and far away. They make their biggest investment in creating a fantastic present and amazing future!
• Give up! Ever! They consider failure as a chance to improve, not give up. Failure is a learning experience to them that will provide the knowledge to eventually reach their goal.
• Envy other people. That’s a big no-no. Successful people do not resent other people’s success. They show genuine happiness and use the success of another to fuel their own quest.
• Avoid time alone. Actually, they enjoy some alone time to reflect and plan ahead. While a successful person does enjoy the company of others, he/she can also be content to sit alone and read or rest.
• Expect quick success. They are in it to win it, and that could take years. Patience is indeed a virtue! They don’t expect immediate results, whether it’s with a weight loss program or a business venture.
• Think they are owed something. Just because they have a college degree or already achieved a certain level of success, they don’t expect that the rest of the world owes them a big salary, amazing benefits or free lunch. They are always ready to work for what they want and desire.
Credit to my teacher and mentor,  Dr. Ferrah, whom I read this from. Be a blessing as you read and share.

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