Many shows flop due to one of these reasons. To have a successful show kindly follow these laws for a great show. 
1 Get the perfect venue
2 Work with the best team
3 Design the most beautiful stage
4 Select the best security outfit
5 Start the event on time
6 Finish on time
7 Give the best form of entertainment
8 Create an exciting and electric ambiance
9 Design the most innovative poster
10 Make the publicity subliminal and intense
11 Make the tickets affordable
12 Give the fans more value for their money
13 Make the tickets available online
14 Sell tickets according to the capacity of the venue
15 Have the best musicians on the bill
16 Choose a great host
17 Get the finest comedians to open the show
18 Use the most professional stage manager
19 Get the best logistic team
20 Make the audience comfortable
21 Use some of the best Dj’s
22 Give the best of Performer on stage
23 Choose a Sunday as event day
24 Make sure the date is at the end of the month
25 Bring in a surprise artiste
26 Make the concert extremely memorable
27 Leave the crowd wanting for MORE
28 Make the event fall in the month of JUNE
Credit Basket Mouth.

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