As you pursue your dreams, you’ll need some people’s help, and they’ll use it as an opportunity to disrespect and humiliate you. But hear me today: NEVER EVER YOU TOLERATE DISRESPECT OR ACCEPT HUMILIATION FROM ANYONE NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE OR THE HELP YOU’RE SEEKING FROM THEM. KNOW YOUR WORTH!!!
Always make sure people respect you because the moment you tolerate disrespect once, they’ll always try to disrespect you all the time. Your destiny doesn’t depend on anyone. And those that will actually help you in life will not disrespect and humiliate you in anyway. God who gave you that dream will also bring the right people to help you.

He will favor you and send you HELPERS OF YOUR DESTINY, and God’s favors will not have humiliation attached to them. I have met people for the first time in life who have believed in my dreams and respected me for who I am. It’s okay for you to desperately want your dreams to come true; but it’s NEVER okay for you to allow that desperation turn into frustration and subject you to humiliation. I have said never ask for help when you desperately need a help. Some will use that to take advantage of you. Yes It’s true that you can’t force everyone to respect you, but it’s also true that you can refuse to be disrespected. You teach people how to treat and respect you by what you tolerate from them and what you don’t. People will respect you the way you respect yourself.
If anyone refuses to respect you, then remove the person from your life. You’re the referee, the president and the boss of your own life; and therefore you have the right and the power to promote, demote or remove anyone from your life. Know your worth and don’t ever let anyone disrespect, despise or humiliate you in anyway or form. Before, I looked down on myself because I’m an orphan until Herbert told me to ignore such negative thought. I would have given people the chance to disrespect me if I didn’t know my worth. One must be bold not arrogant when knowing your worth. You’re a child of destiny!! You-re a blessed child. You might not be anybody today or have anything now, but your future is very bright and you’re going to have everything you want in future. Always remember that and keep your head held high. I don’t have anything but I have my name and my dreams. It will take time to realise that dream.
Notwithstanding, It’s indisputably true that when you financially depend on anyone in anyway, then you’ll lose some of your respect and dignity, and the person will automatically have some sort of control over you. This is why its very IMPORTANT for you to pursue your dreams and become successful; because once you become financially free, you’ll never have to depend on anyone for anything that money can buy… And believe me when I tell you that in our world today, money can buy almost EVERYTHING!!!
So even though you’re depending on some people now while you’re waiting for God’s promises to arrive in your life, know your worth. Do not become an object of mockery or caricature because of your dreams or passion but hey don’t heed to those who make fun of you. And do not allow anyone turn you into who you’re not. Know your worth and be patient for your blessings to arrive.
You might be suffering now, but nothing lasts forever as I have gone through worse any 21 year old will ever go through but that didn’t last. So hold your head up high like a lion and a king/queen that you are. Your blessings are on the way. Remember that no matter how hungry a lion is, he can never stop being a lion and start eating grass. It’s Impossible!
Conversely, when you finally become successful, you have to also respect others regardless of their financial or societal status. Don’t respect the rich and disrespect the poor, NEVER! You don’t know who can help you or when the tables will turn. Don’t respect the old and disrespect the young. Respect everyone equally. If you’re only nice and respectful to the owner of a restaurant, but disrespectful to the waiters in the same restaurant, then you’re not a nice person as the waiter is the person who’ll offer you a glass of water when you chock. Learn to respect everyone equally no matter who they are, or where they come from. Remember you were once like them or will be like them.
I love you.

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