Dear Lord, I thank you for the death of my father. Thank you for such an opportunity to experience life the hard way. I really appreciate the struggles I’ve been through and the father I have become. After waiting for 10 years hoping that my father will appear out of the blue and say, “Kwesi my son, I have come back for you. This time I won’t leave you again.”

   Dear daddy I didn’t really understand the rational behind your death. Frankly I thought you were playing some pranks on us but that wasn’t the case. As you lied motionless I was wishing you could wake up from the casket and scare us but you didn’t. Dad after your burial I was wondering why you didn’t appear in my dreams like how other fathers did to the kids in the Nigerian movies. I was really disappointed in you for not doing that but that notwithstanding I still love you and miss you very much.
Gustav, that would be what I would be calling you by now because we would’ve been very close by now since I was too afraid to open up to you as a child. Also this will be time I would’ve told you what I really want to do with my life and help you plan your retirement. I didn’t understand your disciplinary lifestyle until I was I’m the boarding school where there wasn’t any parent and meet new people. I always remember you telling me to be content with whatever I had and learn hard and worship the lord in truth and faith if I wanted more than what I had. Dada did you know that I sometimes got scared when I didn’t learn during prep hours in school 😂😂😂😂. I thought you will come and beat me.
Dear daddy thank you for giving us the best mother in the world who stayed with us for a year before joining you. Life without you hasn’t been that rosy but I have planted those roses I want to walk on. I have learned a lot from your absence which has helped me become a better person. I have now loved and cared more and find positive  solutions from negative situations. During your ten years absence, I have passed the stages of selling pure water, recharge cards, kerosene and selling cassava before getting money to school but I think those years or times were the best. I know you wouldn’t have expected to hear that but the problem is, society today don’t care about who the orphan is. You didn’t die a pauper but from 2005 to date no one is willing to assist me claim your benefits from SNNIT.
  I love you very much dad and miss you more this day. I wish you can come today so we talk about things a 20 year old will tell the father. Since we didn’t get enough time together, you were the best dad. I will be the father who will give his children the best mother, I will provide them whatever they’ll need from physical to emotional needs not forgetting their spiritual needs too. I will not make the mistake you did by dying without making enough plans for us. Will still care for others but not more than myself. Thank you for the training given me. I am your 1st child and will never Let you down. I will let your name Bekoe continue to live on. There are a lot of stories I would love to share with you. Whenever I miss you I walk around. Tears come down my face when I think about what happened. Don’t worry dad You’re closer to me in my heart. I wish I could talk about the woman of my life with you but I don’t have any now. I Hope I can tell you this next year when I will be celebrating 10 years without a mother. Maybe I will tell mom that I would’ve given you a grandchild 😂😂😂:D:D💝🆒. I will always believe in God and trust his ways. I still listen to you Jim Reeves, Don Williams, Phil Collins and the rest 🎧🎵🎵🎶. Please enjoy your stay with our Lord. Extend my greetings to my mom for me and Let her know that I will write to her next year when it’s her 10 anniversary.

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