A fan writes to Ghana’s fastest rapper, Sarkodie advising him about grammies. The letter reads,
“Dear super star,
Please I heard you wanna get to the Grammy, wow, that’s a big huge ass dream. Anyway, keep dreaming. How will u ever get a Grammy nomination, when you record with sample beats, and don’t even speak about social issues. You always talk about, how you struggle in life, and how people want your downfall, when you should be singing about the black race for freedom, and our development issues.
  Please my brother, learn to record live beats, like the reggae musicians. Bob Marley went far because he recorded live, and also spoke about African rights, and the power of black Africans.
Please Sarkodie if you want to reach far like K’naan, Fela Kuti, Asa, and others, then you. got to be a live recording artist, and your
words and lines should be powerful.
You can seek advice from the old folks; learn more about Osibisa, and how they made it. You can also seek lyrical help from Asem and Chase, they are good song writers.
My brother, maybe you don’t what to let us stop listening to you in 10yrs time. Please Dwene hu wai.
We still love you. God be with you.
I will always pray for you, we shall pray 4 u.
Good Luck.”

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