The Africa no one wants to talk about. We are going on the right direction

Its very sad when people know AFRICA from the negative preceptive. There are more positives in Africa than the the negative shown and said. I am an African and a proud Ghanaian in love with other African countries. We have challenges like any other continents in the world and we are trying our possible best to solve it. Africa is with no competition with any country or continent, but in competition with our yesterday.,

As a proud Ghanaian and wanting to tell the African the story in the African way I took it upon myself to use pictures to tell our story. Which I believe Pictures never lie.On march 24, 2014, I toured some few places in Kumasi(Ashanti region) to show to the world there are some nice things and places in Ghana and Africa.

Kumasi Ghana Reuben Griffiths Bekoe
Ghana or Africa is not as dirty as said or shown on some TV networks. Early morning traffic at Kumasi zoo.

This was the my first picture I took when I got down in Kejetia. This area is around the Kumasi zoo(The place where the big trees can be seen). The road that leads to your left is to Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital (KATH). 

Kumasi Public toilets
                                         Francos public bath and toilet. Pampaso-Kumasi

Not all can afford a toilet or bath in their homes but that’s a thing of the past because we have public bath in our cities not built by the government.Thinking of place of convenience in Ghana or Africa? You should save yourself from the head ache. There are tens of hygienic public place of convenience where you can even read your graphic on. I used this place and I recommend it to you whenever you are in Kumasi.

High buildings  kenteGB Reuben Griffix Bekoe
                                                                     High rising building every major city in Ghana

There are high buildings in Africa. In Ghana, there are many in the major cities like Accra Kumasi and Takoradi.
Location: Kumasi(Adum)
Top left is Asafo interchange
Down left is a new building around Ecobank Ghana Adum, kumasi.
Upper right is Aseda House.
Lower right is Chelsea house, it house Stanbic bank.

Ramseryer Presby Church
                     In Africa you’re at liberty to join any religion. We are not pagans!
                                         RAMSEYER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Adum, Kumasi.

The Ramseyer Memorial Presbyterian Church, Kumasi, have been in existence for well over hundred years. History has it that, in June 1869, Rev. Fritz Augustus Ramseyer, his wife and brother Johannes as well as a black convert Thomas Owusu were taken as captives of the Asante army under Adubofour.

Having been held as hostages for nearly five years and all efforts to secure their release had failed, the British Army attacked Kumasi and finally released them in January 1974. After their release, it was Ramseyer’s most ardent wish to return to Kumasi as a free missionary and to continue from where he left off.

Thus in 1896 when the British army entered Kumasi and took the King, Prempeh I, the Queen mother and other high courtiers as captives to Elmina, Ramseyer took that opportunity to return to Kumasi twenty-two years after their release.

He acquired a land at Bantama near present day Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital with the help of Thomas Owusu. By the end of the first year, two stations and two schools had been opened. The fact that the opening of the Kumasi mission station followed a British Military occupation, made it unpopular since Christianity was considered “a religion of the victor”.

The modest beginning produced significant results such that by 1900 when the Yaa Asantewaa war ended, further missionary work had been achieved. A total of 33 baptisms had been recorded with a Christian community of over 160 converts. Also, a total of 311 pupils were enrolled in 16 schools established within Kumasi.

As a result of the traumatic experiences of the war, Rev. Ramseyer and his wife went back to Europe. On the 13th of December, 1901, Rev. Ramseyer returned to the country to begin the reorganization of the church against strong resistance from the Basel Mission in Switzerland. In 1907, the construction of a chapel and minister’s residence also began. Communal labour was offered by the members of the growing church who were dominantly African converts.

On completion of the chapel, it was named Ebenezer Presbyterian Church. However, after the death of Ramseyer on the 6th of August, 1914, a decision to immortalised his memory during the moderatorship of Rev. C.E. Martinson led to the renaming of the church to Ramseyer Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Wesley Methodist cathedral.
                                                                Wesley Methodist cathedral. Adum
Ghana has the fastest internet connection in Africa. Vodafone Ghana Office. Adum-Kumasi. Ghana

Gone are the days where one will feel behind when travelling too Africa or Ghana. Those where the times one will not reply your emails and when asked he will say ”I was in Africa, and they got no internet connections”. We have buzzing mobile networks in Ghana and the rest of Africa. We have internet access in Africa. We use optical fibre. Ghana has the fastest internet connection in Africa. We Skype, Vibe, Tango and do everything at the comfort of our homes!

Roads in Ghana Africa
Our roads are not death traps. Our presidents to travel on these roads. Asafo interchange, Kumasi

Our roads are not death traps. We drive up to 180kmp depending on your faith. Lol. We have good roads in Africa.
We got 1st class roads and village roads. Working traffic lights too. Come with your Cadillacs and cruise.

Kumasi Reuben Griffiths Bekoe
                                                                 Behind the statue is the Wesley Methodist cathedral.

We’re not lost we have history and culture!
The man on the back of the lion was the person believed to have killed the king of the jungle. It was believed that, the animal lived in the vicinity long ago where he scared the village occupants, so the man monitored it and kill it. If you watch closely, you will see he is beating a gong which he was telling the village he has killed the animal.  




Kumasi in pictures.
I had only ¢2.00($0.50) on me as at the time I was taking this picture. The fee I was to pay was much what I had on me so I begged to take only pictures of the outside.
Was very impressed to see these wonderful artworks in kumasi. Indeed Africa has great talents that needs to be developed. (For the prints contact Albert Coleman on +233-540178384 and for the wood works contact Owusu on +233-243823988).

African wear and beads

Beautifully locally made bags to match every occasion.

It feels great to be in African wear any week. Make sure you get yourself locally designed wear and send it back to your country and know Africans are not naked!
Location to get some of these African souvenirs in kumasi is at Adum post office (Main)
Garden City of Ghana

Truly kumasi is indeed the garden city of Ghana. Great environments.
Ghana's BIG BEN. ECG office Kumasi.

Kumasi has nice places to visit.
Don’t miss to look out the only BIGBEN in Ghana.
I want to thank Ameyaw Debrah for been an inspiration to me. Tho not meet him in person, his work and stories have challenged me to be who I am today. Thank you for your “MyGhana campaign”. Not schooled, but thank you for such education Mr. Debrah.
Myself at the kumasi museum. I write my own quotes.

There will be world peace if there is peace in Africa! Africa is the new world and the. World will be a better place if there is LOVE.

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