With these hands I will fight for you, never will you have to face a battle alone.
With this body, I will shield you, no matter what they cast & no matter the size of stone.
With these arms I will carry you, when you are tired I shall continue on.
With these feet, I will stand by you, I will be your voice of reason when confused & your strength when need to be strong.
With these legs, I will come to you, no matter the time or place I will always be there.
With this head, I will be your senses; no sight, smell or sound will go by without you being aware.
My words are meant for only you to hear, my heart beats only to the sound of your drum & my life is only for you to live.

I dedicate this to my late mother who never lived to read this. I LOVE you mom and this all for you.
Reuben Griffiths Bekoe.

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