I am Africa, YES I am
I am black, yes am proud.
Loving my race doesn’t make me a racist,
It makes me happy because I can’t change it.
Africa is LOVE so I love all race.
Africa is STRONG so am I?
I am black, I am white, and I am an African.
I don’t have to be black to be an African.
I am an African by birth, I am Africa in HEART!
There is only ONE Africa and I am Africa.
I will be inhuman if I hate other races,
I will be unkind to reject my identity as African,
I will be unwise not to believe in the possibilities in Africa
I am the weakest man if I bully children and women
Africa is not at war; we love and cherish peace,
We are not hungry, we grow food,
We don’t live on trees, civilization started here,
Am not archaic but I have morals, culture and tradition to follow.
There will be world peace if there is in Africa!
AFRICA is the new world, I am AFRICA.
Don’t look at the person, look at the person.
I believe in Africa, I believe in Ghana
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