‪#‎TOUR4LIFE‬ As a twenty year old boy who has chose to ride for charity rather than attend university (If I get the chance I will go) I am often asked if I feel I’m “missing out.” Absolutely not! It’s true what they say, travel is indeed the best education.
“…Travel breaks that bubble because as you explore different countries you interact with a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and socio-economic groups of all different ages. You befriend people with different religious and political views than yourself, and you expand your horizon by questioning things you have always taken for granted. I have seen throughout these last few years that you learn more from those with a different opinion than your own than those with the same, a situation that is nearly nonexistent in a classroom setting where everyone around you is the same age, there for the same purpose, and from the same socio-economic circle. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think education is extremely important and vital to the betterment of society, I just think a well-rounded education isn’t received solely from the classroom…”

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