Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. We must be told where to look but not what to see. Every parent wants the best for the ward so does a teacher wants the best for the pupil. Dear fan, when was the last time you had the support from your family when you told them you want to be a photojournalist or a fashion designer? You were told to concentrate on your “education” (that was school they were talking about.)
The difference between school and life? 

In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson. What test have I taken? And what lesson did I learn? This will help you understand me better.
Reasons TO Drop Out: The capitalist educational system is designed to brainwash you into a good, little, obedient, conformist, consumerist, dog. When you go to college you’re basically paying to have someone brainwash you until you’re a perfect corporate robot. I have met The grading system is used to test your ability to withstand and absorb corporate oppression without any resistance. Gone were the days I felt obligated to attended Wednesday worship and give offering with my pocket money. I absorbed almost everything school offered thinking I was wrong when I had different answer from what the teacher had: but sometimes he was wrong.
College trains you to anticipate a future in which your biggest excitement is retirement. College is designed to make you feel that your teachers are brilliant when they’re just dumb mentally-obedient people. College is designed to train you in the art of submission to the corporate rulers of society.
College is designed to train you in the art of submission to the corporate rulers of society. College prepares you to be a wage-slave whose goal in life is a quiet, passive, retirement. College prepares you for a gentle political and social sleep, for a life in which you are nothing but an economical slave.
Your teachers are no teachers at all. They are slave trainers paid to mold you into a perfect little wage-slave.
Get yourself educated, there is no room for “abnormal” people until you prove your worth. Society is built by society too afraid for change. Don’t let ones success be a meter to measure yours. You’re unique. Get education and be a leader on your own.

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