This is for those of you who believe that I beat up on the guys all of the time. Just a quick list of things that girls do that can end a
relationship before it even gets started.
TMI; There you are in the pizza parlor or at the movies on your first date. And he is oh, so lovely. Suddenly you hear yourself telling him about all your previous boyfriends and what went wrong and what you did not like about
them. Quick! Pretend that you are choking; excuse yourself and hop to the ladies room. Hopefully the ladies room has a window big enough for you to crawl out of –even while your foot is in your mouth, I mean. This information overload is a big No-No! Don’t you
ever drag your old baggage into a new relationship. EVER. Focus on discovering who this man is and if he is a suitable candidate.
Honor him by not comparing him to your past boyfriends. When you bring up the ‘others’ you are actually teaching him how to treat you on a subconscious level. And he will probably treat you like the ‘others.’ Not good. Not good at all.
SUPER DETECTIVE; Girlfriend are you sneaking a peeks at his texts
and emails? If you are, two things come up for me. First of all, it shows that you are completely incapable of honoring boundaries.
   Secondly, your actions demonstrate that you don’t trust him. And if you don’t trust him,
checking his texts will not cause trust to magically spring forth. The fact is, if you don’t trust him, for whatever reason, you need to
just step away. And if he finds out that you have been playing Inspector Gadget unbeknownst to him – it’s a done deal baby.
Pay attention but don’t go looking for trouble because you will surely find it.
You just met two weeks ago and already you are talking to him about wedding plans! Can I just
slap your face right now! Snap Out Of It! Really? Do you know what you are getting yourself into? This is another characteristic
that demonstrates how insecure and needy you are. And he will run into on-coming traffic if he
has to just avoid being in your clutches.
When you start dating you can’t just jump into this man’s life and run things. He had a life before you. At least I hope he does. He had friends before you – and girlfriends, too. You job is to be stunning, observant and refined.
Don’t blow it by calling him every hour on the hour to ask what he is doing and/or who is with. Or inquiring as to whether or not he
misses you! How can he possibly miss you if you are always sweating him? And another thing. Don’t go Medea on him if
he does not call you every day. It is better to be mysterious than to make like and octopus on the dude. Pay attention but relax.
Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome your feedback. Fellas add some of your own pet peeves.
  Work on your relationship and bring the best out of every one and make good use of each others company.


  1. Great post.
    I would add: 5) negativity – your words reflect the darkeness of your soul, 6) criticizing your parents – if anyone deserves your unwavering respect and devotion , it is your parents, and 7) profanity / vulgarity – it is neither enlightening nor sophisticated, and it makes you look cheap and VERY unattractive.

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