A voice from the Middle East is calling the world, please do not let me die because of my ideas, no matter how stupid or silly they are. It does not make sense, I really deserve to live & express my ideas freely. I should have this right, you should, he and she, every one must be granted with this right and we should fight to achieve it or to protect it. In the Middle East, the free people are being under arrest, torture and even death. why? Because we are using our pens as swords and papers as shields to expose the violations of the oppressive governments and the barbarian rebels in the Middle East. Do you know what is the problem? The Arab Uprising we have is to overthrow military dictatorships and replace them with religious repressive sectarian ones. Therefore, few of us fight to defend our right in freedom of expression, I hope I can someday hold the flag of Voltaire in each part of the Middle East, so we may feel we are humans live in a society, not in a state of nature. Viva Peace Viva Human Rights, Viva Freedom of expression. it is your right to fight for your right.

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