Ghana is 57 years today. My drums are playing dirges and my barrels are full of tears. The music is sorrow and the dance is war. Nonetheless, her citizenry give her all the adulations as it still kept the sun shining our bald heads and rain on our dry lands. Her leaders hope for the transiency of power comes to cease so as to create mutations of Mugabe in the state. Many hope to be on the state pay roll forever and offered a grand state burial.
Ghana @ 57, Bribe is offered with the right and received with the right. We embrace it. Corruption is now done in the day and with much impunity either than hitherto on the blind eye. In the law court, “Boys abr3”was upheld and sustained and “Tweaa” was objected to and subsequently banned. Ghana is certainly 57. 
It’s rather disheartening and bizarre to note that 90% of Ghanaians still believe that the way forward is Peace. To this effect, the Peace Industry would have formed a module under GYEEDA, during the 2012 Election Petition. Well,Justice Atuguba and his men marshalled powers conferred on them to make sure Idi Amin’s exclusive statement saw the lime light in Ghana-“I can guarantee you freedom of speech, but I can’t guarantee your freedom after speech”. Kwadjo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John), Stephen Atubiga and others would make this less vague if you seek clarification. There should be peace, I agree but ostensibly. 
With GYEEDA and its scandals, the Peace Industry has seen how immoveable and defunct their wings are when it comes to addressing pertinent issues. If Ghana really needed that much Peace as they preach, why are Philip Assibit, Roland Agambire, Asontagba and cohorts still not mates with Ataayi in Nsawam? Perhaps due process is being followed to ascertain their embezzlement and huge loans they took interest free among ohers mentioned in the report. Our leaders fail to see that what we actually need as a nation is “Equal Rights and Justice”. With this, consider 70% of our problems we face as a nation solved-Bribery, Corruption, Bad Leadership and so on. Charlotte Yaa Ababio and the NCCE and the Christian Council, please give a toast to this. We have had enough education on peace and its inability to ameliorate our problems as a nation.
To the President and his team, I, Nkrumah Cyril K. Dzidedi, would be more than humbled to be the National Coordinator if a module is created under GYEEDA and dubbed ‘Youth for Equal Rights and Justice”, if GYEEDA sees green again.
Ghana is 57. Let us make merry, provide a better education and health system, better governance and show love to one another. 
Lest I forget, there are flies feeding fat off my palm wine in the calabash. Join me to drink and reason for a positive Ghana.
Ghana @ 57!!!
Nkrumah Cyril K. Dzidedi,

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