Every Lion is born Free.

Hi there! Today marks another remarkable time in my life. August 1st has always been one of my favourite dates on the calendar because it happens to be my birthday which serves as a time for me to make some reflections on my years.

Two years ago on this day, I walked 260 kilometres from Kumasi to Accra in raising funds to support children living with cancer. This year, I would like to use this special occasion to thank the wonderful people in my life and also talk about what’s next to come. I sincerely appreciate the encouragement, support, kindness and love shown me all these years. This has kept me going to this far.

Our formative years serves us with an opportunity to discover who we really are, try different paths and make mistakes and learn from them to become better. In this regard, I am getting a *degree in Tourism after many years of doing charity and volunteering work. This doesn’t mean I will stop taking part in these charity and volunteering work but I believe its time I look out for myself before it too late.  This is a personal milestone I want to achieve to help me accomplish other set targets. I will be supporting myself through school, so have set up an online shop & a courier service to serve students and parents to raise funds.  You can visit my online shop here.

I’ve made it this far on my own
But lately, things I felt were under control have been getting me higher
I lift up my head and my world is on fire
Should I shout or I’ll be fine

There’s dread in my heart and fear in my bones.

I must say I am very excited about turning 24 today as I see it an opportunity to have a fresh start but I honestly don’t know what to expect and this scares me. We are most often presented with the freedom adulthood comes with but no one cares to tell you about the responsibilities accompanied by it; the bills among many other things. Growing up, this was probably not how I imagined my life would be at this point. I guess I was naive and thought I would have it all figured out. I think I have had a fair share of life and its realities. I can’t talk for other 24 year-olds but I know and believe we all have our struggles that are unseen – the needed affection, love, afraid to fail, unemployment, scared of losing our parents or loved ones, having a stable relationship (Religion & sexual) among many others you’d love to add.

LOL. It’s not like we no go fit love oo, but the things to make the love complete isn’t there like financial security and the lady not finding me boring for staying indoors. I don’t think your ideas and dreams are enough. I know it entails a lot to have a relationship but what I keep asking myself is, what does the lady want in this and how best can we help each other to develop. Then the money aspect brings up the other self-worth problems. Not easy oo

I’ve gone through some phases and I believe its time to embrace these life realities and live to be the best. There have been times I have always felt life has left me behind when things don’t go as planned with countless setbacks and disappointments but we grind through the hustle. You may have known me for my volunteering and charity activities and I feel it the time I have some time for myself. If you’re a young person and you’ll need someone to talk to, I am  always a text away.

I’m well aware of certain things that can destroy a man like me
I think life has got to the point, I know without it’s no fun
I need to get in the right mind and clear myself up

Yes! It is of a greater feeling wanting to do more for humanity. I have never had anything in life on a sliver plater and wouldn’t want others to go through what I have been through in the last 23 years ofmy life. As stated, I willbe going to school this year so I wouldn’t have much time to do what you’ve knownme tobe doing but the BIGGER picture is hope to establish an ICT and sports centre in village Nimbare of the Jirapa district of the Upper West Region of Ghana someday soon. I want the kids there to have an equal opportunity of learning ICT and developing their sporting talent as they feel cut-off of the country. This is a long-term dream as most of my graduate friends can’t use the office suite so giving the kids in the remote areas a chance will go a long way. You can read about my experience here.

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