“Oh Reuben, you like to argue a lot. I don’t know what your club has achieved yet you make noise about your club. I don’t know how successful you are to even talk about success. Come back again when you are Bill Gate…”Those were the words of friend who told me the gospel lies I haven’t asked myself this while. Honestly I didn’t see that coming because it was a harmless soccer argument about our soccer clubs. I kept mute for few minutes to think the answer to give but I couldn’t figure out how successful I was so I told him I will get back to him when I am Reuben Griffiths Bekoe he wishes to see soon.
We often confuse ourselves with one’s progress or achievement as their success and also judge their wealth as their success. It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. So what do you say if a person have wealth and don’t have good health? Success? Don’t you think been successful and success is relative? Sometimes our parents and some friends sometimes make us feel unsuccessful in a way or the other. I say success is relative in my candid view because, there is no measuring instrument for one’s success and there are no standards set for an individual to meet to be seen as successful. Maybe society have made it so by saying if you when you have million of dollars in your account, have about three mansions or can afford holidays in Europe or Bahamas you are successful or when they compare you to another. In my part of the world, one may be seen as successful when he/she is seen on TV or the kind of people he moves with in society.
I may not be very old but I have seen and know many successful failures in life. I am not talking about people who failed before they became successful, but those who are successful and are failing. Let take this for an example, when you see a doctor (specialist) who wants to enter in politics before he can serve his people, do you see him as successful? He is a failure for me because he doesn’t have to be a president before he can serve and is he successful because he passed his medical exams? I will see such person as a successful person when he can solve most of the problems on his field of study. If it’s about child mortality and he is able to help reduce about 60percent of it, he is successful for me. He doesn’t have to do anything X’tra O to be successful. Same applies to others who would want to enter  different field to try something new. I am not against talents but talking about success, one must be successful on his field. Ghana’s captain, Asamoah Gyan entered into music with Castro and he did well, then we all heard John Boye[Ghana black stars defender] also ventured and that was world music war I.
Ask any upcoming artist, sportsman, footballer and a journalism student what he or she would want to become and you’ll be hearing names like Sarkodie[Ghana’s fastest rapper], Bolt[world 100 meters record holder], Messi or Ronaldo or Eden Hazard and Bridget Otoo or Nana Aba Anamoah[ Broadcast journalist at TV3, Ghana]. I am not saying it’s bad to have mentors or look up to people to help sharp our lives to be successful, but we shouldn’t be like them. When these names were growing up, they had people they looked up to but they didn’t be those people. We are not successful because we are too afraid to be genuine simply because we think we won’t be accepted because of the current trend of things happening. You are asking so won’t I answer if I am successful or not? Wait I will be answering you in a bit. These people I see them as successful people; I see @TOWIGhana as successful person though she is not yet known all over but her bold step to leave her home and start a new life in Ghana. Ms Otoo comes on my list not because she is on TV but she delivers what she is tasked to do when she reads the news and also helps to let issues of others addressed. Also I will add Steve Jobs on my successful people list not because of his wealth but his invention of the ‘I’ products, the list goes. I have few friends too who are successful in their own ways without having millions in their accounts.
Now I am ready to let you know my success level. Being successful is the ability to use given or available resources to make a change that benefits you and the people around you. Like when a pilot takes off perfectly but fails to land, it will be recorded that “he had a successful take off but was unsuccessful when landing.” When this happens does it make him a villain? To judge someone on how successful he is ask him his target of what he wants to make not how society want to define him. If you can’t have access to him put yourself in his shoe and imagine what you would want to do if you were in his place. Well I am a successful person based on these
*I have had some education not to the uttermost but at least I can read, write and understand.
*I have a good health and I am at peace within and outside. I meet my daily targets of not been in trouble with the law or fellow-man. I have my 3 daily meals daily. I am able to meet my targets. One or my GREATEST success story is to have JESUS as my savior. I am not successful in everything because I have NEVER had a SUCCESSFUL relationship. LOL. If you want to judge me on success, ask about my relationship with God then you can judge me. Thank you for your time. Remember you are successful base on the target you have set for yourself.
Do you think it’s the right time for me to reply my friend?

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