For the love we share as humans will make one cross boundaries to be with the one he LOVE. I am very much in love with LIBERIA, which is now my new home, but I believe the Love my good friend share with our fellow west African brothers surpasses mine for them. This is the love we need to be sharing for every human race. Enjoy his note;

Arise, O compatriots,
Nigeria’s call obey.
To serve our fatherland
With love and strength and faith
The labor of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.
Peace and Unity… that phrase always makes me feel like changing Nationality.
Ever since I had my obsession with Nigeria (a country rich in culture, great in entertainment and filled with very determine and aggressive people), not a day has gone by that I have regretted it. As a proud Ghanaian I’ve always made it known of my obsession wherever I find myself. I remember when I was going to the University for the first time, I was most delighted because I knew I will surely meet Nigerians; it had been two years long since I had close contacts with them. Before then, I had a sweet Nigerian lady I used to talk to… too bad I couldn’t hold on to her.
Yes I’ve never regretted being obsessed and crazy in LOVE with Omo Naija. Sometimes I say to myself, “All things being equal, I’ll choose a Nigerian as a wife”. Now it breaks my heart to spoil the fun as I ask myself every single day the LORD grants me life: “Is my future Nigerian wife going to be the next victim to another BOKO HARAM bombing? Is she going to be the next victim of a rape killing like Chioma Obikel Nwosu or is my brother-in-law going to be a victim to another mob justice like the brutal torture and killing of the Uniport students, Chidiaka, Ugonna, Aladdin and Tekena?” (May their souls rest in perfect peace).
Life goes on, but the victims of such great pains will forever live with the pains. I ask, will the families of all those lost in these senseless brutalities and the terrorism of BOKO HARAM
move on? Yes, Life goes on.
The Super Eagles won the AFCON 2013; they went all out against all odds and they did themselves proud. Indeed life goes on. Chidiaka was a good rapper, but he’s not here to write a rap to congratulate the Eagles because his own took him away from this life, and no one was there to save him from his own.
I cry each time my memory calls me to this. I know people die, yes people will die and some will be born, such is life. But must one die brutally in the hands of his own? NO! NO! I say. They say no matter what happens, Nigeria
go survive . I know in life we have ups and downs, so yes, Nigeria will survive. But must a nation bound in freedom, peace and unity kill their own joy?
I call Nigeria my home though I know nothing about them; though I’ve never been there; though all I write and say of Nigeria are all
those I dream of. I believe in Nigeria because I have seen them make me proud and also sad. I
am a Ghanaian so madly in love with another nation. I may not be the greatest pained victim, but I can boldly say “Hey NIGERIA, whatever PAIN you cause yourself, you kill slowly a part of me. I’m so much into you Nigeria that I pray I stick with you forever. So please stop hurting me, we need not be ashes on the ground next morning.  I LOVE YOU. GOD bless NIGERIA. –

by Atieku-Boateng Harry

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