I have always wanted to be a person of change and would like the stories of others to be heard. There are so many things happening in the world but we pay less attention to them because it’s not affecting us but one way or the other it’s affecting us.

We have much but we don’t pay attention to it. If what you have is more than this 👉👉

This is Sammy, the homless man I had chat with. All he has is the two polyyhene bags and a 'bed'

,be grateful and thank God for everything. If you don’t have to fight for a sleeping place during a rainy cold night be thankful. Sammy sleeps about 6 paces from a gutter which breeds mosquitoes as big as grasshoppers yet he doesn’t complain. I asked him why he was sleeping on the streets and this was what he had to tell me…

…I was a taxi driver and had some issues which lead me to lose my job. When I lost my job, life was really hard so I was depressed 😐 all the time which resulted in me having mental illness. When this happened, I had to leave home and live attention the mental hospital. I was okay so I was discharged to go home but with the disgrace associated with my mental illness, my family weren’t ready to accept me. I had no choice than to find life for myself so I had to move to Accra. He added that if his family had accepted him and given him some help, he wouldn’t be on the streets.

I was touched by his words and asked him if he would like me to help him and if he had Hope, he said, “I am homeless but not hopeless, I know work at a block factory and things will be good one day. ” The few hours I spent with this man taught me a lot on life. It was about 11pm while most of you were sleeping but this was the sleeping place of Sammy.

This is the bed of Samuel. He had his broom to sweep the place before he laid. This is infront of someones shop.

If it’s a single room that You’re sharing, be content with it and work very hard for a double room. No conditions are permanent being a good or bad conditions. You’re a candle, light another candle while you’ve light for a candle losses Nothing for lighting another.
This was his gace when I asked him why he sleeps on the streets. He didn:t want me to take a pic of him but I had to beg him.

Thank you for your time in reading.

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