Knowing that no government official will pay attention to this post it won’t stop me from airing my view on national issue. I will not stop writing till I see changes in my country and continent. We are so pleased with the little we get whilst we can get much if we demand. I am not in support of violence but look the those successful revolutions in Tunisia and whats happening in Hong Kong

Ghanaians are satisfied with mediocrity; we praise thieves & worship looters. Laws work against the poor. We’ve turned to people who’re satisfied with average instead of fighting for the best. Shame on us. ‪I pay my taxes; obey the laws of the land is it too much to ask for a good Governance‬ and better ‪Economy‬? We deserve good if not better because from the way things are we WONT have the best governance, education, but we need systems that work in Ghana‬. After 57 years of ‘Independence'(rolls eyes to think at the rate we go to our Colonial master for loans and help doesn’t show we’re dependent} the only thing we can boost of as a nation is the PEACE that we enjoy. What again? Power crisis? Corruption? Gone were the days we could boost of the blacks stars, our cocoa or the Kente clothes we never saw that as a revenue generating venture, our old high-life music which now the youths are shy to be associated with.
‎     Ghana‬ is the guy whose income is $500 but owns the latest iPhone, goes vacation in Bahamas, hires a Cadillac for friend’s wedding just to show off, eats French bread with coke as dinner and ends up with Debts $1500+ which his grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying. On the other hand, the person who can afford the life Ghana is living gets an income of $400 owns Nokia 1100, spends time with family for vacation, says no to junk foods, own a bicycle or walks to walk sometimes not because he can’t afford but wants to be healthy. Save $100 for his children to enjoy & lends Ghana $100. Why must we praise a leader for performing his duty. When he provides any social amenity, it’s not anything X’tra O so we shouldn’t praise them! They are to serve us.
Why am I pissed? Because my leaders who cannot see beyond 10 meters during daytime and 5 meters at nights (hard times) are behind the steering wheel with over a million under 18’s in the bus that is not insured {no better plans for the youths and those of us who can’t travel to the UK’s not to talk about owning a passport.} We’re paying someone $50k with no clear-cut duties by just telling him to do well. Don’t you think ‘doing well’ is relative? ‪ smelling some red fish (one of our best local fishes among the people of Cape coast, Ghana.) if not shrimps. I wonder the type of degree these servants turned leaders have in ruling us. The way this country, ‪‎Ghana‬ is governed, if we were to be in a jungle, there WON’T be any game for the next 4 generations. As a youth of Africa and a Ghanaian, I think we deserve better than what we are getting now. We must not keep quiet for no reason. If you take few dollars just to vote, ask yourself if that money can cater for the term the person you voted for spends in office?

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