If I had a wish.
If one wish could come true.
If I had one wish.
My wish would be you.
If I could choose.
I would stay in your arms forever.
Our hearts would fuse.
And our love would become an  endeavor.
I would wish for you to stay with  me.
For you to be my love.
You would be my hearts key.
Forever my angel, my dove.
Forever is a long time.
To need in a single command.
I will write our love in a rhyme.
For it would be my demand.
I would ask of this.
Only with your permission.
Lost in a kiss.
Our love is my ambition.
So I wished upon the star.
The star that reminded me most of  you.
My actions seemed bizarre.
But this wish I had to pursue.
If I had one wish.
My wish would be you.
And since I made that wish.
My wish has come true.
Reuben Griffiths Bekoe.

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