The continuation of the let nit pretend!

Would you have been a victim?
Let’s pretend there were an old church
Would you have been the preacher man?
Let’s pretend we were on a playing field
Would we have been on the same level?
Let’s pretend there were two heads
Would it have been better than one?
Let’s pretend there were a stitch in nine
Would it have saved nine?
Let’s pretend there were an early bird
Would it have caught the worm?
Let’s pretend I had no hand
Would I have written this?
Let’s pretend you had no eyes
Would have read this piece?
Let’s pretend you had no ears
Would have heard this?
Let’s pretend I pretend
Would have called it pretence?
Let’s pretend all these were real
Would you have called it reality?
My people,
Let’s not pretend

©©Nkrumah Cyril K. Dzidedi

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