This note is a work of a brother and a friend who wants their views to be heard based on equality. This note does or doesn’t show their sexual orientation. I have no idea of that.
Nothing that erodes the rule of law is moral, no matter what name we give it. Thus if we had the choice to choose what is wrong and right in our own view, thus if what is right or wrong is relevant based on our individual opinion, then what may be wrong for you may be right for me, and likewise.
Our individual rights needs to be protected by law regardless of our sexual orientation. Whether straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.
The rule of law is determined by what the majority settles on. If we agree that majority is not always right, then we also agree that majority can have for us unjust rule of law.
When that happens then the oppress have the right to fight and resist, either by violence or civil disobedience.
Nothing that erodes the rule of law is moral, but there is no rule of law when homosexuals are criminalized and subjected to jungle justice, there is no rule of law when all religious bodies in the world agree to the fact that they have no right to judge any individual human being but yet look so hypocritically when jungle justice are administered to their own. There is no rule of law when the majority is clouded with religious biased approach to justice.
Let that day come when the great Lord Almighty will come and judge man as he has promised. let’s not try to play God now. Homosexual do have a right, and that right needs to be protected. Is a fact that cannot be erased no matter how evil we paint the picture.
Harry Atieku-Boateng and Amponsah Afari Djan( @itzkwabenapowda) ©

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