Life is full of challenges. Wise people choose to meet them. Foolish people choose to run from them.Times are getting harder and we constantly experience moments that stretch us and test our endurance. We do not have all authority over what happens in and around our lives. We do not control time and space. The only power we have is how we react to the things that happen to us. Most times the best reaction is to be patient. We cannot wait to see our dreams come true. We cannot wait to finish school. We cannot wait to pay our debts. We are in the age where waiting is like torture.
We just cannot wait because we do not understand how things work. If a farmer plants a seed and is constantly digging it up to see signs of growth this will only delay or hinder the seed from growing. Most of us have developed this attitude but it is very important in these times to endure and to exhibit fortitude. As a result of our inability to be patient we carry this into our relationships with people. Parents are having problems with their kids. Friends are fighting over petty issues. Lovers hate themselves because of a word the other said. Marriages are breaking up because people just do not have patience.
It takes time for people to grow and to develop into their true potential. It takes time for people to break out of their old habits. It takes time for individuals to realize the power they have within themselves. It will be best to encourage and to be patient as we aid people in their transformation. In whatever relationship we may be in the essence of it is to build each other up in love and friendship.
Times are hard but fretting will neither push the clock any faster nor pull it back any slower. Being impatient shows lack of control and belief in one’s potential. It shows that one doubts the manifestation of their dream and even the ability of God bringing it to pass. The word fortitude means to have stability in times of difficulty. Forts were places of strongholds where people hid or defended themselves from the enemy. Therefore, develop fortitude by guarding your heart from impatience, doubt, and worry. These enemies will push you to take the wrong step and thereby ruining your dreams. They present to you shortcuts to achieving your dreams and make flimsy excuses as to why you need to take the wrong opportunity. Many have done that and have ruined their lives.
Today I encourage you to patient and to develop fortitude. It is not going to be easy but for everyone that has achieved greatness mastered the art of waiting. Do enjoy your week.
Our desire is to achieve total perfection in whatever we do. But our nature makes this endeavor difficult to achieve. As careful as we may be we are still liable to committing mistakes. There will be instances when we will make wrong decisions and wish we had never done so. We are proud of our strengths but ashamed of our weaknesses. Therefore, we work hard to hide them or to ensure we do not commit such blunders again.
But mistakes are not all bad. I believe they are experiences for us to learn a lesson or two about us and our environment. As our knowledge grows, we become better people because we are able to teach others the lessons we learned from our bad experiences. Yes some mistakes carry with them huge consequences that we can never recover from entirely. They may live scars on our bodies or even our souls. However, its best that you do not become bitter about life but use the bitter experience to change your life and those around you.
We all fall but the most important thing is when you slip up the best thing is to rise up again. Thomas Edison tried one thousand times before he invented the light bulb. You might probably need to commit a few good mistakes before you realize your dreams.
I want to encourage you not to feel bad about yourself. The things you did that continue to haunt you are all in the past. Wishing, crying, or feeling sorry for yourself will not change the past but can hinder your future. Create a positive impression from every negative experience you had in the past. Develop strength from weaknesses and know that the fact that you are alive today means you have a chance of becoming a better person tomorrow.

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