Hmmmm, I am still asking and still not getting the answer right.   Are these leaders still myopic? Then we have a long way to go!  Not long ago, the world lost a great son, NELSON MANDELA which these world leaders were scrambling for accreditation and the chance to pay a glowing tribute to him, good they weren’t denied the opportunity to be seen and heard. Millions ignored the rains and trooped to the FNB stadium to pay their last respect to the one of the world’s noblest men. Some said wonderful things about this great man.
      I was extremely pleased to hear those kind and truthful tributes. After the the memorial service time wasn’t wasted as he was sent to his village, Qunu. There, most leaders made their way through to the Mandela graveyard. I believe most went there to be part of the occasion without seeing what I saw. The life and death of Mr. Mandela sent a message to leadership. When Mr. Mandela died and was been buried, I did not notice him going with anything that he owned. (no disrespect to him or the family or the people of south Africa) not even the national flag.
     Yet we’re having leaders who attended to this graceful ceremony still amassing wealth at the expense of the underprivileged, we’re still having leaders who’re fighting over diplomatic passports for their families. Is this the world we want to live in, where leaders are not servant? Do we want a world where leaders are not accountable to their citizens? Where are we going to store these wealth when we die? Mandela rose through the ranks in life to get to the apex of life. There are no short cuts in life. After all his struggles, he didn’t enter into politics to enrich himself or his family because you could tell that they weren’t wealthy and he could have done that when he helped gain independence or when he became president of the land.

My grandfather always say, “greatness comes through service. “

On the 18 of January 2014, was another a dark day for Africa, as the sun set every early on it son, Komla Dumor, of BBC. The death of Komla came as a great shock to the world. This was a very vibrant young journalist who presented a program the day before.  He was known to be very hard working, passionate about his work and continet .During the pre burial and buried services many shared their  good times with this great son. From presidents to the lay men like myself, we all paid tribute to him. If Komla and Mr. Mandela have lived a life where they amassed wealth, lied, never cared, will they have been remembered today?
   You need not to be Komla Dumor to be Komla Dumor. It shouldn’t matter where you’re coming from or the amount you’re taking, there should be satisfaction in everything you do and you’ll be remembered any day. We should be the change we want to see. Africa needs servants not “boss” leaders!

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