Hello my lovely readers. I am very sorry for the long break in posting; I have been busy after my ride across Ghana in fundraising for the Ghana Cleft Foundation. I had to bury my grandad afterwards and plan for my future which hasn’t been easy for me.
I’ve decided to volunteer for 10 weeks (February 8th) with Lattitude Global Volunteering in Kumasi, Bosomtwe district (Abono, Obbo and Nkowi).
This came as a way to use my formative years wisely as I wait for university admission. I am applying for university this year and as I wait for the results to be admitted or not.

*My duties
On the project/placement, I will be helping facilitate school and extra classes for students in Classes 4 to JHS 3 after school and weekends. Among other things I will help in the creation of reading clubs and clinics for these student.
*About the project
Latitude Global Volunteering help youths to develop themselves by volunteering in communities. During my time on placement, we will be working with YOUDRIC with the aim of improving the BECE results among the students in the by implementing carefully thought out interventions designed to improve school quality, access  & retention & efficiency in management.
Lattitude Programs are fully funded by the UK government, but, as a way to help others to come on such programs and develop themselves and communities, I am to raise ¢100 to to help support the team (this money doesn’t go to Lattitude but is used for projects after placement).
I sincerely need your help to help me fundraise by donating in monetary value or with books and stationary that will aid me to achieve the goal of improving the reading and writing habits of these kids.
After this program I hope to develop my presentation & communication skills, personal relation skills and my leadership as they are crucial for the program I want to read at the university.
Continue to support me with advice and prayers. Thank you.

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