My message for the tour.
My message for the tour.

TOUR4LIFE is a national charity tour on a bicycle that aims to raise funds to give shelter and health needs to homeless street kids. The tour aims to meet about 25,000 people. These people will help with  ¢1.00 each to raise an amount of ¢25,000.00
The tour will last for 365 days across the 10 regions of Ghana.
This is a break down on how I would want to reach my target of ¢25,000.00
The tour will be on for 365 days, so I divide the 25,000 people by the days, i.e.
So it means I should meet about 70 people a day.
When I also work out the days I should spend in a region it will be
365 days
÷ 10 regions
= 36 days, 5 hours.
So I have decided to spend about 30 days in every region and use the other 6 days to ride to the next region. This means I have to raise about ¢2,100 in every region to be able to reach my target.
During this tour I hope to speak with schools, media outlets, institutions and religious institutions on  importance of the act of giving and loving. Giving out of used clothes will be encouraged and donations from philanthropist will be accepted. This will be done through friends and radio stations. I will collect from friends and visits to radio stations. During TOUR4LIFE, anyone who is interested can join the ride; cover some miles with me to raise the funds together.
Security & health:
As I am fully ready for the task ahead of me, I have put up these measures to be safe on the road to stay alive to complete this course and not to hurt anyone in the process of making a change. These measures are:

  1. Not riding when it passed 6 pm.
  2. Sleeping at local police stations or check points.
  3. Wearing of bright-colored clothes.
  4. Having my 1st AID kit with me and seeking medical attention when I need to.

Donations can be made in person when they meet me during the tour or call me to come for it. OR through Airtel Money (0263161964). Also am making plans to get a short code so people can give by text.  After TOUR4LIFE the funds raised will be used to give shelter (education/training, health needs, accommodation.)
For international donations am still making plans to receive these donations.
 Social media:
To make the tour very interactive and since the world have become a global village with  social media, I have made it possible to get the tour closer to people all over the world via the various social media sites and platforms.
Whatsapp/Telegram: +233-26-316-1964
Facebook: Reuben Griffiths Bekoe
Instagrame: @Africkka
Twitter: @kenteGB
YouTube: Kwasi Griffiths(KenteGB)
It all came about when I lost my parents in 2005 (dad) and 2006 (mum). My thinking about this world changed completely and was faced with iron hands . From the pains I went through in life, I decided to change this world so I wrote to Airtel Ghana touching lives about this project and they came to my rescue to help touch a life with this tour.
My major source of inspiration is in the sun. I have made myself to believe that “I cannot give up when the sun have not given up shining.” Zach Bonner has also been a major inspiration.
Special thanks:
This project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of God and these wonderful people;

Official Ltter from Airtel Ghana.
              Official Letter from Airtel Ghana.

I.  Ameyaw Debrah (@ameyaw112): -Blogger ( – He inspired me to go for my goals, in fact he told me to write to Airtel Ghana. He believed in my dreams when I first told him of my dreams.

  1. Sedem Ofori (@sedemofori1): presenter & host (Airtel touching lives). I believe his kind words have made me to pursue my dreams. His support and advice have brought me this far.
  2. Nene Odonkor: (@neneodonkor) – Graphic designer He has been the one behind my designs.
  3. George Kweku Afriyie Mansoh: (@anansemansoh) – Student (UCC). The brotherly advice given me never to give up and fight for the less fortunate.

4.  Felix Amfo-Adu: (@wannyfelix) –Student (VVU) – Was there for me when no one seemed to care, provided me with his financial support, love and support.
5.    Harriet Mills (USA): made me aware of what was ahead of me and what I should be doing.
6.     Elvis Akwaboah: – (@KofiAkwaboah_MU) teacher.
About me:
IMAG0166 Reuben Griffiths Kwasi Bekoe, 19 year-old senior high school graduate (2013) from Shama Senior High, Shama-Takoradi. I am a proud African and believe in the possibilities of Africa. It has always been my passion to help others and make this world a better place. I love cycling, reading, writing and listening to music. I talk a lot but I don’t gossip. “I have to believe that when things are bad, I can change them.”

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  1. I was thinking you re-strategize your plan. I won’t advise spending equal number of days in each region. Do try to consider the population of each of the regions. Now look at the greatest number and try to reach to many people as possible there. Because if you say go to region A with 2000 people and spend the same period with region B with say 1000 people, it seems you’d miss out on some people in region A.Maybe equal numbers will be gained for both. But I’m thinking if you spend a few more days in region A you would maximise your target by some appreciable margin and then move on to region B.
    It’s just a suggestion I’m bringing for your consideration. I hope this may be of help in some way. Once again, it’s a suggestion.
    Thank you.

  2. a great idea. this is really frm Ideas to action. but get to know that the adverse criticism of a wise is to be desired than the enthusiastic approval of a fool. I strongly believe you will do exploit and in due time, victory shall that day crown your effort.

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