In the late 1700s, the manager of a large hotel in Baltimore refused lodging to a man dressed like a farmer. He turned the framer away because he thought this fellow‘s shabby appearance would discredit the reputation of his distinguished hotel guest. The man picked up his bag and left without saying a further word to anyone.
Later that evening, the innkeeper discovered that he had turned away none other than the vice president of the United State, Thomas Jefferson! Immediately, the manager sent a note of apology to the famed patriot, asking him to come back and be his quest in the hotel. Jefferson replied by instructing the messenger as follows, “Tell him I have already reserved a room. I value his good intentions highly but if he has no room for a common American farmer, then he has no room for the vice President of the United States.”
This may be a story that happens in our daily lives. There is an advert that runs on our televisions in Ghana for Melcom which features the captain of the Black Stars (Ghana’s male soccer team), Asamoah Gyan and a little girl. In this advert, the captain went for shopping at Melcom where the little girl and mother had also come for shopping. Gyan saw the girl watching of some of his clips on the televisions with the attention of an eagle, so Gyan decided to get close to the girl and introduced himself to her but the little girl couldn’t give him a chance. Sadly Gyan left and outside the shop, people who knew him, Gyan began to hail him. At the same the girl was also leaving, when she realised that it was him, her mom had driven off. This may be the opportunity we would have wanted in our lives daily to meet the vice president of our countries or the celebrities’ but how do we treat them when they come in disguise? The human race is too quick to people base on the appearance of people but this same race have quotes and proverbs like “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Or “We should not look at the messenger but the message.” We may be the manager of the inn or the little girl depending on how we treat our Jefferson or Gyan.
Have you wondered why you haven’t had you Mr Right or Ms Perfect? These people will not come to you on a horse by they will help the horse rider to you. We often turn away the people who love and care for us simply because of their outward looks or what our friends will say about the person. The innkeeper turned away Mr Jefferson because of the reputation his hotel have. Do you remember when you ignored that guy because he had no car of his income is not a five or six digit figure. Or he was not pleasant for you. That man could have been the right person for you. So you also ignore that girl because you thought you are educated more than her? These are the mistakes we make in our lives when we fail to look beyond the appearance. Our teachers also make these kinds of mistakes when they give less attention on people like me who are late developers in terms of learning. We are mostly seen as block headed people that can’t do well but former UN general secretary Mr Kofi Annan was not a very good student back in Mfantsepim boys school, if they have given up on him will he have been where he is or would the school have been happy to associate themselves with him? I have notice one thing in my society; they will start to care when you travel overseas or upload a picture of you with a celebrated person. Everyone will want to take credit for your success or they were all your friends. We all don’t know when the light of success will shine the person you have just sent away. If someone don’t fall within your class, please create a class for them too for you also don’t fall in theirs too! I have been a person who always tries to hold on to relationships and friendships with everyone I come in contact with but sometimes people behave like I am forcing my friendship on them so I keep my distance. We should never forget the people we meet on our way will the same people we will meet when we are getting down. If we treat them like a trash bag, we get same treatment.
How often have you been so blind that you’ve pushed people aside because you disregarded their humble circumstances? They may seem to have a little to offer you in return, but remember, we are exhorted to show a little kindness to the least of these. Whether black or white, physically strong or weak, rich or poor, male or female, educated or uneducated, short or tall, gay or lesbian, we are all equal in the eyes of the lord. No room is too small to accommodate a farmer and Gyan won’t wear a black star jersey to tell you he is Gyan.

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