“Not poor, under privileged” 

Why call me poor not under privileged?
Why frown at me when I ask for help?
You wish am in this condition forever?
Please let me not be your prey
For I’ll remember you when I pray
We are all poor in some way.
You are rich in wealth, but poorer in
I am poor in wealth, but very rich in
My physique is poor, but my plans are not invested in
Give me not a dead fowl as meat,
Or present spoilt milk as Cheese.
Show me favour for no favour
Working on the rice farm doesn’t make me poor
Don’t call me poor when you aren’t soaked in summer sweat
I work under the sun to get my dress and armpit wet!
I will never call a durbar for providing me a social amenity
For my taxes is making you wealthy.
Call me poor when you crash your head in a search of lamp
I am not poor, am under privileged!


March 1,2014.

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