Yes God has a good plan for you, and he even said it in the good book that the plan he has for you is to give you a good life and expected end. But most people become failures in life because they expect God to give them the good life, and thus they continue to wait for him until they finally end up as failures. Then they become bitter, resentful, and full of regrets as they spend the rest of their lives miserable and unhappy.
Please don’t live your life like that my friends. Don’t join those people who fail to understand that God has already given them everything they need to create the good life and the expected end they wish for. It doesn’t matter where you are born or how rich your parents are. God has given all of us everything we need to create a good, happy, and successful life. The power is in our hands, and we make use of that power by the choices and decisions we make everyday of our lives which ultimately determines the outcome of our lives.
God gave all of us inalienable rights at birth to create a good life regardless of who we are or where we are born. I’ve seen people from rich homes become miserable and eventually commit suicide. I’ve also seen people from the poorest of poor who became successful and built a good life. You too can create a good life no matter your predicament right now.
We are in the driving seat of our life. God bless us all.

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