The Lives that we are living are like the social media networks we’re using. Each one and the contents he wants to read. We are very responsible for what happens in our way and our lives. On these social media we choose who goes into our circles, we reject those we say we don’t know or will be a treat to us. So in life if you wouldn’t be comfortable with someone don’t accept him in the first place. Block anyone that brings you sadness not joy. If for someone to use words against you it depends on you. If you leave you account open without a password everyone will have access to and will use the account anyhow to damage you image or reputation. Also if you share your password with someone is no longer a password. Mind who you share your secret with for
                “WE ARE IN A WORLD THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN TRUST YOUR PENIS. “And a secret is a secret when one is dead.
    Your Facebook or your twitter accounts will bring you joy and comfort depending on the people you follow, when you want entertainment and you follow sports cars where will be your joy and passion? Don’t follow because someone is following! Remember you’re the one behind the computer or the phone. You’re very responsible for what you post and comments. Live your life as your browsing.
*Never forget your password (aims)
*Follow the right. (Know your passion)
*Never forget you own your account!!

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