“Cease listening to instructions my son, and you will stray from words of wisdom.” Proverbs 19:27
On November 15, 2014, been tired of the cumbersome life of the city, I decide to break the chain and visit my village and my old boy who have always held my back in times of hardship. There’s always a smile on my face when I am on road to Akropong i.e. eastern part of Ghana, not because am going home but because I will have a piece from the past. Not only will I have a piece from the past but have a piece of the beautiful and welcoming weather that can be as low as 22°C {that’s very low in low Ghana if you consider the weather pattern}. It’s always good to be home where the weather will let you over sleep to forget your pains, the environment full of nature where you will be awaken by the tweet of birds not alarms. Oh such a beauty to see the smokes in the air, the smokes not from cars but from the tripod clay stoves. Inside my heart, I keep a little box. It is a box of memories I created about my village, my grandpa and my family even if I spend a second with them.
This time, the weekend was different from the usual ones because he wasn’t in good health so I had to care for him too. He has been there for us and those who have come in contact with him. It was so hard living with him in the beginning because I couldn’t understand his ‘Basel’ training or teachings. They seemed so harsh and too old for the kind of world I was living. As I grew, I understood the Presbyterian teachings he was implanting in us. We would wake us at 4am and tell us students shouldn’t sleep like that, we should be getting ready for the farm or any other chores in the house. This made us not liking to visit him but this time around the story was different, the strong old man who would wake us up has to be monitored from time to time during the night and in the morning. He was happy when he learned that I had come. I knew he was happy because he will have the chance to bother me with his priceless advice and give me something to think about. He ask me if I will sleep with him that night and I humbly replied “Papa yes! I will”. Gradually birds were finding their nest and we were getting ready for the night. Papa was to sleep on the lower bed that night to help us to lift him up in the morning but he preferred to sleep on the bed he used to show the world he was a man. I knew he wanted to be pampered since I was around. Everyone wasn’t ready to let help him sleep on the bed because he wasn’t sleeping there and he was becoming difficult so I had to plead with my cousins and brothers to do as he wished. The night was short for me because I was enjoying the weather and my sleep when I had to wake up and get things done.
‘’Kwesi Bekoe’’ he called, ‘’what’s the difference between like and love?” he asked. When you asked those questions, I knew he had a piece of his old clothe he wanted to tear part for me so I answered, ‘’Papa love is unconditional just like God gave us Jesus Christ and just as a parent love his child. For like it grows to become love” Haha I know I didn’t give him the most correct answer for the like but that was what came in mind. He told me well done and continued to say “Love is unconditional as you said that’s why Jesus was given to the world. When you love, there is no second thought on what you will get in return for the love you are showing or giving. If God have thought about what he will get for his love for us, he wouldn’t have given us his son because we sin against him daily in return of his love shown us. God’s love is greater and it’s for us all. Bekoe like grows to become love when you are ready to love what you like. When you like something, you pay attention to it and want the best for it. If you like the work of God, you will grow to love God. If we love God, we should keep his commandment and do what is required of us. With that we can live in love and peace with God and he will show us his mercies. If you love someone, do what the person like.” About 18 minutes of our chat, I had to get ready to return to Accra. He knew I was thinking about what he said so he was quick say I should him love by doing what he liked the previous night. And he added if you love someone; don’t overlook what will benefit the two of you. He told me if I had explained to him why we wanted him to sleep on the lower bed, he would have understood us.
“If you love someone, do what the person like.” Why would papa tell me such a thing? Did he know what I was going through? Because that night I had ended a relationship because I thought I had to give the person her peace to be with whom she wants to be with. I kept asking myself if I did what grandpa had said, but I was happy I did before he told me that because I was able to decide and made a wise choice. I thank the lord for the life of papa and the piece advice he has shared with us. I always glad I leave him knowing that I’ve a piece of his old clothe to cover me.
Thank you for reading a piece from the past. Remember this piece which he said “
“Greatness comes through service”- Reverend Daniel Asare- Ayeh.

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