Bring back our girls please
With tears in our eyes and with pain in our hearts
Bring back our girls
The dark one is my sister and the fair colored one, my cousin
The short girl is the baker’s only daughter of her parents
That hairy girl is the Tuozaafi seller’s daughter;
Only girl among 15 boys
The tall dark girl is asthmatic
She can’t stand any dust
Please Bringbackourgirls
Yesterday, I heard Maama Salla crying My knees weakend and to the ground I fell Salla is only eighteen; Only one to have been educated in her family Her dream is to become a doctor and help our Borno(community).
In pain I got up and staggeered home You see, Dumebi and I shared the same dream
So did Abena and Chinedu
We longed to be Journalists
Writing and reporting about the hidden beauty of Chibok
Sadly, that dream is at stake now
Mama Yetunde’s sanity is fading
Sorry, has faded; She calls a doll, Yetunde and carries her about
Yetunde is such an adorable girl,
With big eyes and a big head with a small body
Envy of every mother; With her soothing angelic voice
That fragile girl too?
Please Bring back our girls
Fuseni had tried to make use of a rope and a tree, three times already. Fusena, his twin and only sister was taken too.
Grandpa Baba can’t hold it, he is well advanced in age
And the sacrosanct is wearing him out So all he does is drink palmwine.
So the twittering of the birds ceased; Perhaps they are afraid to be heard.
They soar high in the skies;
They don’t want to be near man
The cackling and cluttering of fowls are heard as shivers.
No sounds of insects at night
They too have gone of a fear strike
For even when wind blows, the leaves move in silence
Perhaps they are afraid to be heard Fear and panic in Chibok
Days of tears and pain
Feeling of anguish and agony
The heart’s torture; the soul’s torment. Join hands and let’s pray for a miracle For the destiny of a generation is burried in the extension of their breast, Their feeble is in a solitary corner of their heart. Please, #BringBackOurGirls
By; Miss Korkor Adjoa Laryea

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