In our daily lives, we always come in contact with things that will hinder our progress, some of these things makes our lives better others makes it worse depending how you accept and deal with it as it comes. I would want to share with you some of the challenges that will make you a better person.
As a staunch Chelsea football club supporter and a massive fan of Chelsea’s goal keeper Petr Cech, I am very proud of his record against one of the world greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi [Argentina & FC Barcelona] that this great player have not scored against him in all competitions which many Barça fans will not be happy about it. It may sound wired to by linking soccer to reality of life. Now let’s see the story of Cech and Messi as us. Let our problems be the keeper in the post and let us be the player who has trained to play and score this goal keeper.

Denied: Lionel Messi watches his penalty crash against the crossbar Photo: EPA
Denied: Lionel Messi watches his penalty crash against the crossbar Photo: EPA

Our problems or obstacles or hindrances also ‘train’ and ‘plan’ as much as we do but for us to overcome them, we need to be a step ahead of them and know their weakness as they know ours. May be you are battling to overcome masturbation or laziness or any other difficulty in your life. Now, you knowing well that you are bound to the act of masturbation and you still have CD’s of porn in your room or on your phone will not help you overcome it and that will let your challenge win. So what you have to do is simply get rid of those things that makes you fall a victim to your challenge and find ways to deal with those. Your problem knowing you will try to have a solution to it, it will come in another form that will be more challenging than before but when you are able to overcome that will be when you will understand what I mean when I say, “The stars always thank the nights[darkness] for helping it have glory.”
Hello? Don’t think we are off the field yet. Lol. Now get your soccer boots and jerseys on and be ready for the action. If you are not a soccer fan get dressed in your favorite sporting discipline kit and join me on the arena. When a professional soccer player is getting ready for action, he just don’t dress anyhow but makes sure he is well protected especially they pay attention that they got their shin guard on. So I ask do you prepare for the challenges of the day. If your answer is a NO, then please always get the guard for your sports [life] and if it’s a yes, BRAVO! But that’s not enough. How do you deal with it when someone kicks you on your shin when the guard couldn’t protect you enough? Do you get up and fight back or you accept that it’s meant to guard or protect but not 100%. So is our life, we must know not all things will work out as we planned so we should be ready to amend and work for the best. This takes me back to the UEFA champions league [a tournament that is played among European club teams] final match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Before that game Chelsea was knocked out the previous season which made them play in a smaller version of the champion’s league which they won the trophy. The logic behind this to me is very clear, not because they were better side but because the trained very hard that before. So in life when you are knocked out or down, quickly get up, wipe yourself of the dust and flirt and pretend no one saw you and get back to where you are going. Same was with Chelsea, when they came back the next year (which they weren’t favorites because they had a bad start and season and moreover they had a care taker coach which many didn’t believe in.) they won it out of hard work and determination. See yourself as a team and a player.
When you are not able to score Cech just like Messi have not overcome one of his major obstacles in life, work hard always and wait for that opportunity to prove your critics wrong. The keeper always block our goals and that makes us frustrated and uneasy, it makes us feel like we never trained harder than us and knew our weakness we never knew. Now that Messi [I] have not been able to beat the challenge [Cech], does he [I] have to give up? NO! NEVER!! That will make me a coward and the failure I don’t want to be [I’m not afraid of failure but I don’t want to fail]. I have to work extra hard, read the strength and weakness of myself and that of my opponent and beat him hands down. No matter the problem you are going through now, if you see the positive from it that you can overcome it, you will be that diamond that is harder than stone. Each one of us needs a problem to help us tell or share our story. Never forget, everyone with GLORY, has a STORY, if you have any doubt ask Steve Jobs or read about Job or even yourself {look at yourself and see how far you have come.} Thank you for your time in reading this.

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