I LOVE and respect every humanrace so don’t take it personal if am obsessed about my blackrace for I can’t change it.
I completely agree with the president of Kenya for calling the Oscar winning beauty the “Pride of Africa”. After all she did not go out there to find the most expensive wig to wear. She just stay true to herself and did not change her look for nobody. I love her for that, and she carries herself so well.  real woman. She inspires me & breaks down this idea that some of us as black people have that to be considered as beautiful you need to be . Proud dark beauty. She is not only Africans pride but the pride of all  women especially black &  minority women. She is beautiful no matter of skin tone. It’s the person inside and put that makes them beautiful.
Are you beautiful?IMG_20140305_101221     I really hope some ignorant people can look at this crown jewel of a woman and FINALLY realize that Black women’s  beauty is not confined to a certain skin or hair texture. We don’t just come as light bright and nearly white with long hair, we come in this lovely shade of chocolate with naturally beautiful hair too. Black beauty runs the whole color spectrum. This sister is beautiful!! Being a lighter skinned  Black woman, she makes me PROUD just to be BLACK period!!
Shame on us that it takes publicity to appreciate good and hardworking people. We LOVE you. GoLupita!!

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