The Black Stars of Ghana have requested to be paid a whoopping $100,000 as appearance fee at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil – double of the amount each player received at Ghana’s maiden participation at the World Cup in Germany eight years ago. The demand was contained in a recent petition delivered by team captain, Asamoah Gyan, to the Ghana FA President prior to the international friendly with Montenegro this month. Each member of the Black Stars squad for the Germany World Cup in 2006 received $50,000 while the South Africa 2010 squad received $70,000 each as appearance fee. The stars who have insisted on receiving their bonuses in dollars have also requested or a 30% increment in their match winning bonuses during the World Cup in Brazil.
The Stars had been on a $10,000 winning bonus for the past year but had a 50% increase by headline sponsors GNPC for their World Cup play-off tie with Egypt in Kumasi in November 2013. However, investigations show the Black Stars were on a $15,000 bonus for the group stages of the World Cup four years ago and are requesting to be paid $19,500 for this year’s mundial.
As any other citizen will talk about, are they playing for the badge or the money? Will they say the national anthem and pledge? Am not saying they shouldn’t be paid but the amount requested is too much for a country faced with many developmental issues. Am asking if they’re taking this money to play for their motherland, are they willing to pay taxes  to develop the nation?? Most of these players never had to travel overseas but it was this national team that they had that chance. We have so many children in our hospitals needing monies to undergo surgeries, so why don’t they ask for a pay cut? Are these people really Ghanaians? So are dying to play for their various countries without asking for a penny or a dime. I vehemently oppose this kind of payment. We should be willing  to die a little for our countries. If they take this monies are they going to pay for their hotel, food and flight? How much are they going to take when they progresses? Will they be expecting any national heroic status?  Let do whatever we are doing from our hearts, passion and LOVE. Am Just a concerned Ghanaian.

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