You are the key to your dreams.
You are the key to your dreams.

Dreams! Dreams!! Dreams!!! can be be real or unrealistic. Dreams can be achieved or not depending on the dream you are dreaming. I ask, do you only dream in your sleep? I have always dreamed to make this world a better place for all regardless age, economic background, gender, religion or any other thing that others consider. But to make this dream come true I have to work very hard for it.
Have you ever seen a dream walking? Have you ever heard a dream talking?
You are the master of your dreams if you pull the right strings it could be talking to you. You are the one to make it happen.You’re the only one that knows what is and you have the key to your dreams in your hands to unlock the doors to your dreams. Don’t hesitate grab the chance before it’s too late.
Reach out and touch your dreams. Don’t let them tell you it is impossible, because you are always a fool in the eyes of those who never believed in your dream. When ever you have a new idea, you will be told its impossible. I remember when I had an idea of helping the poor( ) no one believed in my dream until i remembered am the one to believe in myself. That is what they told all heroes before.In a hero’s mind the word does not exist. Do you want to be 80 years old and start to think about your past and regretting every minute of your life that you’ve lost? You wouldn’t get a second chance if you keep blowing your chances any because every chance is your first and second. Someone may ask ‘how do I see this is a chance?’ and I will humbly answer, ‘Make good use of every opportunity that comes your way and walk and be with people who will add to you and don’t be OPPORTUNIST!!’
If you don’t take your chances,you will wonder where the time went. Don’t hesitate, grab the chance Before it’s too late. But remember’ is NEVER too late or too EARLY in life. Every second is a new year.’ -Reuben Griffiths Kwasi Bekoe.


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