This piece, I compiled out of the realities of the world. There are so many happenings in the world but few are seen. I don’t believe this piece will have an end because;

Many churches, few Christians

Many schools, few educated

Plenty food, few satisfied

Many Patients, few hospitals

Many great ideas, few are tapped

Many buildings, few homes

Many resources, few utilized

Many promises, few fulfilled

Many lusts, few love

Many watches, less spare time

Many guys, few men

Many rich, few charitable

Many music, few harmony and lyrics

Much intelligence, little wisdom

Many in big positions, few qualified

Many movies, few storyline

Many graduates, few employed

Many fair coloured, few are natural

Many hearts, few care

Many weddings, few marriages

Many happenings, few written about…

Reuben Griffiths Bekoe

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