This life under the sun on the planet earth is full of memories; the good and the bad, beautiful and ugly, the ones we vowed to remember always and the ones we cursed never to remember. There were some that made us smile or cry. I ask myself if I am the only one who smiles when I make the smile sign [] or laugh when I type “haha’’ or the only one who smiles when am sad?
Have you ever heard a song that has made your mood swing? Or smelt that perfume that has brought a memory? Do you ever wish you could project your memories for the world to have a view of it? Join me on the memory lane when I tell you to remember when…
… You were born? The smile on daddy’s face and the sigh mom took after her successful 9 month journey? Lol you can’t remember because you couldn’t see so ask your parent about it. If you are a parent I believe you get the picture now…
… You took your 1st step with the help of your parent or the walker? That’s a great achievement for ever toddler and parents…
… Remember your 1st day at school and how proud you were when you were able to write and recite ABCD and 123[because those where the days when those who were able were genius and magicians]. Have you forgotten about you favorite poem or rhyme? Mine was Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…
… Do you kids make you remember when you hid your socks just because you didn’t want to go to school or because home work wasn’t done? Making you remember memories right?
Now getting back to my Ghanaian setting, I remember vividly when mom will cook Jollof rice [one of our favorite rice foods made with rice and stew i.e. mixed they are not eaten separately. Mom adds other spices to make it more attractive and it looks more yellowish depending] and add an egg to it when you celebrate your birthday or have some good grades at school or when it’s a festive occasion like Christmas, not forgetting  coca-cola inn addition. Hahaha, during those days we were made to believe Malt drinks were for adults and the only minerals we knew were coke and fanta. I remember one guy was asked in my class to give an example of minerals in Ghana under social studies and guess the answer…
Do you remember when you would have to befriend that boy because he had a video game or a bicycle or that girl because she had the biggest beautiful doll and a kitchen set? Aww how time flies
Remember when you were scared by your sibling when he used a powder on his face one night
Remember when you had a crush on that girl or a boy and you couldn’t tell them. What about when you meet your first love and time stood still thinking you will end up with them.
Remember when you heard the magic words of the world that made the strongest man in the world became a victim to it illusion side. Do you recall when ‘I love you’ became ‘I loved you’? God that inclusion of the ‘D’ brings memories.
Remember when you lost a loved one or when you got disappointed or when you had a heart-break? Or when you fell in love again?
We all have some memories we wish never to remember but they simply can’t go away. If you don’t want to remember these kinds of memories I don’t know what I can do to help but remembering those are part or life and makes us learn a lesson. Now remember that smell of a person or that lyric or a person you have sworn never to remember or forget.
I have always remembered when I meet Christ and took him as my lord and personal savior and in him is love.
Remember when………………… *pen drops.

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