Hello lovely readers, sorry for my late in blog update. On Wednesday, September 23, 2015 I left Accra for Ho, Volta region as I am riding across Ghana to fundraise for the Ghana Cleft foundation. This foundation operates on children with cleft deformities for free. The foundation is able to run by the donations of generous people like you. I left Dansoman, Accra around 5:30am and by 6:25am I was at Dzuwolu where I tweeted

at Wanlov, a celebrated musician who’s part of the FOKIN BOIZ music group and a bicycle lover and I was honoured for him to ride with me. At the Mall, I met Kobby Blay, a health journo who we had some interviews and pictures together.

Doing some ride with Wanlov.
Doing some ride with Wanlov.

Wanlov rode with me to Tema toll booth and left for training at 8:30am there I continued with my ride. I had a stop at Tema motorway Ecobank branch to withdraw some money & also make deposit into the cleft foundation accounts with the donations I had on me. I was delayed close to 3 hours because I had ‘no’ (Had my scanned passport on my phone and a photocopy of it too but the bank wasn’t ready to help me out.) ID on me.
The ride that day wasn’t one of my best rides because there weren’t road signs that showed the kilometres covered or left. At about 4pm, I was at the ferry site ready to cross the Volta Lake to the Volta region. The 1st town I saw after the lake was Junka then I rode pass town like Aboasa, frankadua, etc till it was 6pm where I reached Dededo. At dededo, I wanted to sleep over but couldn’t find a place so I rode on till 8:00pm when I reached Ho and was meet by my host, Elvis Bomassah who gave me water to bath, food to eat and a place to sleep.
Reuben Griffiths Bekoe in Ho, Volta region. ICS LAttitude
Arriving in Ho very late

Crossing the Ferry

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So far the Volta region has been my cleanest city so far. I felt in love with the city when I arrived. It has this easy movement for humans and vehicles. It is very clean and has dustbins at almost every corner of the street. The people are law abiding most especially motorist; as late at 11pm, I saw a motor rider stop in the red light when no one was around.
Most people in Ghana stereotype the people of Volta region to be very fetish and not clean but this turned out to be the opposite. I was invited by a friend over the weekend to the village of Adaklu Waya to help him deworm the children in the local school. I wanted to see if what people said was true and to help change the stereotype I went. You will be amazed how religious these people were and how clean Adaklu Waya was. The village was so quiet for someone like me and it is cleaner than the capital of Ghana. There weren’t any act of voodoo in the town as parents I met fought their youths to go for prayer meetings. The way of commuting in the village is by motorcycle where I learnt how to ride in a space of 3 hours! This is one of the typical villages that you have to wait for a car to return the next day and you have wake up at dawn for that too. Also I had no internet connection for my days there.
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My ride to continue to Tamale, the northern region of Ghana. Please help me reach my target of GHS 6000 as I am on GHS 370. Remember no donation is too small and someone will get to know about my ride when you share it. Send your donations to Ecobank A/C 0213074414843601 (Kumasi branch) or Mobile money 0263161964. ★Donate here

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