Ghana's judgment day bout. Ayitey (R)

Ghana’s much anticipated non-tiltle bout (Judgment day) between Briama Kamoko aka Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers scheduled for April 18th, will not come on due to the following reasons given by Ayitey Powers.
“Boss, it’s not that I pull out or I ran away. The thing is, you know, I can’t do things on my own. You understand me? The fight is next month. So I have to travel and go and get prayers from my Godfather.
“And I reach there and my Godfather let me know that I don’t have to fight next month. Unless they can postpone it. If not, then I can’t fight. You understand me?
“So if people are saying that maybe I ran away, me, I don’t do things on my own. I’m just looking at God. So if God says that I should not fight on the 18th, and I let them know and they’re saying whatever they want to say, I don’t have problem about that.
“I can’t fight next month. Yeah.”
When asked when he would prefer to fight, he said, “From next two months, next three months, I don’t care. But as for next month, I can’t. They can put the fight another time, but not next month.
“As for me, I want to fight. But God said I should hold on. Next month can’t favour me. I can’t fight next month.
“It’s not that I’m sick or something o… I don’t have problem. But I said it’s God who said that. So people should understand me.”
Quotes from an interview he granted Accra-based Power FM

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