Sliver Jubilee – A year of reflections & Actions

25 years more..,

Thank you very much for the LOVE, CARE & BEST Wishes on my birthday. It really means a lot to me and I appreciate every effort to make my day special. May God replenish whatever that was lost in making me feel wonderful from the calls, text messages, gifts, advise, etc,. Words can’t express how grateful I am. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude. 

Birthdays are part of life in  the time of the year where we  make reflections of our lives, make plans and usher ourselves into our new year. 

August 1 has always been one of my favorite days of the year, not because its my birthday, but the time I spend with family and love ones and the love shown me on this day. It also give me the opportunity to plan and set personal goals for myself and the unknown future. This year has been a little  different than previous years

Turning 25 has been something I have been looking forward to as a person for many reasons – an opportunity to restart my life, make little changes to my long term goals, work on my insecurities among other things such as my Christian life and love & sex life. 

Focus Areas

  • Earning an extra income [side jobs] – my goal is to get enough money on me as a student to support myself and friends who will be in need of some little extra money. This is a key for me cos, not having money has limited me in a way I think if I had money wouldn’t like supporting volunteering volunteering and charity events; there are times I wish I could donate to such events but can’t afford. In lieu of that, I am setting up a side hustle which I will update you later. For the meantime, contact me for all your website development.
  • Growing my personal relationship with God – I was born into the Presbyterian church but for some time I have been absent from church and the teachings of Christ. I have had my doubts about the church so this time, I am going back to get some answers I can and strengthen my relationship with God, not in any fear.
    Improve on my grades or maintain them to graduate and learn a skill to add to my employable skills. 
  • My Insecurities – Working on my insecurities has been a top agenda for me. Limiting and lacking focus hinders progress. It’s time to come out from my shells and enjoy the beautiful sun. 
  • Thank you for reading my blog. What advise would you a 25 year-old person?
I am also asking you to donate to these charities.

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