Some people have the skill to kill your account

You rain it ; They drain it

Some people have ; some people borrow

Some people lend ; Some people pay

Some people put up their temples for auctioning

Without caution, after auction is action

Some people have The Word ; Sow a seed!

Some people have to get a goal to score

Some people are masters of the score board

They live by the dice ; The cards they choose

You have to be humble to gamble

Some people have lack

Some people have grace

Some people sleep in homes ; Others in tents

Yet they all sleep, dream and snore

So then, what difference is worth pence?

They sleep and wake up!

This is Survival

It is about making money and living

Whatever I do ; Whatever you do ; Whatever we do ; Whatever they do

It being good or bad

It’s about making money and living

Yet remember,

What Ye soweth ; Ye reapeth!

Yes! Only the strong shall survive

Chaley, I have to make Ends Meet

And in the End, Meat!

I’m a Survivor


Nkrumah Cyril K. Dzidedi


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