If you have life,

Then Survive must you

And to survive,

You cannot sit down and be telling me” You can”

Brains have to be revolutionarised

And hands: manipulated

Some people have everything

Some people have nothing

Some people have hopes and dreams

Some people have ways and means

Some people have plots and schemes

Some people put the best outside

Some people keep the best inside

Some people won’t wait for long

Some people have the pen; Yet not mightier than the sword

Some people have the mallet; Yet not to kill a fly

Some people have the knapsack; Yet no nap

Some people have baits and no fishing nets

Some people have the pistol ; Yet still

Hmmmmm, Enkoye!

Mr. Policeman, Bustard!

Is Custard not what they need on their tables?

Some people love what they do

Others do what they love

Some people love to do what they love not

Some people triple the zeros

Oh Yeah!!!

It single digit inflates their pockets

Some people lead ; Others plead

During their campaigns ; They palliate your pains

They have the power

To make decisions or to consult

Yet Incisions and Insults

Is bread and butter

To the powerless ; How helpless!

Some have less energy

Yet they run after the four wheels

Only to advertise their wares through a tainted glass

Well, I see you ; You no see me

Through the internet,


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