A young man asked a guru to tell him the secret of success, and the guru looked at the young man and said “Meet me at the river tomorrow morning by 6am, and I will show you the secret of success because I can show you better than I can tell you.”
The next morning, the boy wore his finest suit and went to the river. When he got there, the guru was already there waiting for him. Then paradoxically, the guru took the young man to the middle of the river and started drowning him. The boy was grasping for air and couldn’t breathe. He almost drowned, before the guru pulled his head from the water and said to him “If you want to succeed in life as much as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”
That’s the secret right there, period!!!
Permit me to elaborate more on that. When the young man was drowning in the river and couldn’t breathe, all he was thinking about and trying to do was to breathe. He didn’t care or worry about any other thing. He just desperately wanted to breathe. At that very moment, he didn’t worry about his nice suit, or think about his beautiful girlfriend. In fact he didn’t think or worry about anything or anyone at that point in time; all he wanted to do was to breathe!!!
It’s the same thing with success. When you desperately pursue your dreams and you don’t care or worry about any other thing in your life, then you’ll be successful. It’s indisputably true that you will meet barriers and adversities along the way that might try to stop you from achieving your dreams; but those barriers are only there to stop those who aren’t willing to pay the price for their success and fight to the end.

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