This quote I made from this story.

   If I ever thought it was over, then I have lied to myself which I need to apologize. Finding a missed call from 05064….. on 31 March,  was something un-usual of me, as they say, curiosity killed the cat, I quickly called back to check who was on the other end of the line and the message that I missed earlier. To my dismay, I heard a very soft tender voice on the line saying “Hello Kwasi, I’m ……. from …… and you remember sending us a mail on your proj…” I didn’t allow her to complete her statement and I quickly responded yes I remember. She continued “We’re in kumasi and would want you to meet us on April 1st at Sunet hotel after our daily rounds.” I said yes and the joy in my heart was too heavy to share.
  For a moment I thought a friend was playing prank on me because of the said date. I held on to my faith to wait upon the LORD, for he does his will at his time.
April 1st! And as at 3pm I have had no call from this lady but I never gave up because

I will give up when the sun gives up or fails to shine.

I waited patiently for this call. At half past 4, Adele began singing on my phone signaling me I have a call to answer. I pick up the call and the lady said, we’re at sunset hotel can you make it to us? I was more than willing to go with my last ¢3.00($1.00). A stranger in kumasi, a walked around the streets of Adum to get a taxi to the place. Less than 20mins, I was at my destination with only 0.60p on me. Lol. I called my host and met her half way to the hotel.(frankly my 1st time in a hotel and a 5 star for that matter.)
  At the hotel I was welcomed and waited for my interviewer. In less than no time I had answered the questions asked concerning my project of riding bike to raise funds to provide shelter for the streeted kids. With no hope of getting back, I was given some amount of money to get back home. It was an interview and my fingers are crossed for the outcome. May the will of the Lord be done!

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