In my heart were voices
At my hands were choices
My conscience had not patience
Yet, this I realize
There are real eyes 
And real lies
With real eyes, me see a naked woman
The body curve was a tempt
I made an attempt
Did God say it is a temple?
I’m humble- I saw a nipple
Before her, I wobble
I trust and thrust her till dusk
She moan till moon
With real lies, me thinks a strong man
Yes, I had principles and dreams
But before the naked woman? 
Does this make sense?
After all, do the blind paint their houses?
The naked woman speaks louder than her words
Thy would succumb, suck and cum!
The naked woman has it all Charm and Power
Me becomes firm and goes lower
She had faith I’d come
Me had hope I went
Wood produces ashes
And the cane, lashes
The naked woman produces a magnet
Can you neglect and repel?
Pray she takes you not rebel
The girls do “pony”
And the women get horny
Are you Joseph?
Not of name – in action
Will thou flee or thee plea
Prevention is of value than cure
Cure the lure – of the naked woman? 
Has thou the strength and ability?
You need God!
As I wrote this piece, I had a nap
Me wakes up to find a naked woman on my lap
She is my woman
You need a wife! 
God and Wife – the solution to infidelity?
Whether as fat as slim
Or as fair as dark
And as blond as Caribbean
It is still – The Naked Woman!!!

Nkrumah Cyril K. Dzidedi,
20 /07/ 2014

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