The singularity of my thoughts has taught me to be selfish
Not because your opinions lack sense or your ways lack science
But all that I am is a slave to the truth, which you desist, detest and resist
You prefer to refer to bad as quite good and define a loss as I nearly won
Albeit, I am still steel as my mind is one with my body, soul and spirit.
Were you not told oneness is power?

The singularity of my thoughts tells me these;
That there are wise fools and brave cowards
More so, a womanizer is better than a liar
That there is no such thing like time management
The clock is ever moving, so then, at worst; plan your day, at best; move with time
All you are assured of is the metaphor of the clock and clouds – time changes and seasons come and go
It tells me an almost dead man is always honest
And the drunkard loses his tongue but not his words

The singularity of my thoughts knows these;
That the deaf hear but their own thoughts
The blind see but their own vision
The dumb speak but in their hearts, in abundance
That the lame walk not but have a destination; march to the grave
After life, the grave greets the dead and after death is depth
The singularity of my thoughts considers these blessings in disguise, necessary evil!
The singularity of my thoughts confirms these;
That we need a change of governance, not government
That we need a change in our educational system, not schools
That the nudity of the mind is not madness, but lack of conscience
That two things destroyeth a man – a woman and alcohol
But ye behold, one thing destroyeth man and woman – Pride!
That a lesson is always learnt when a handmade is heir to her mistress
The singularity of my thoughts proposes these;
Imagine a disease contagious by sight
Then only the blind shall cast shadows of health
Also then, imagine the fish is thirsty in the waters
What then happens to “in the abundance of waters a fool thirsty”
That it does not pay to wait, it does pay when you wait patiently
Patience is action borne of discretion not anxiety
The singularity of my thoughts is pure and lures the unawaken souls
It is thoughtful and restless of a pending realism and truth
It knows no boundaries and transcends generations
Therefore wisdom is principal but truth is paramount
Being a salve to the truth would not only make you a latter day saint, but ensures mental emancipation even if you’re imprisoned
As such, the singularity of my thoughts might seem ill arranged, harsh and petty
But as it is the truth and pure, it would linger with your age, ginger your actions and finger your judgment
Thus, let it be said of me that I broke the chest of a woman with a blow of sincerity
And built the balls of a man with a patch of flesh in objectivity
If vindicated, let it not be said it is “The singularity of my thoughts”!
Nkrumah Cyril K. Dzidedi.

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