Walk for Charity Ghana is a team of young change makers who have come together to promote the benefits of walking and cycling, and through that, raise funds to support children affected with cancer. And we are not doing this alone – We would be inviting extra people to join us from all over Ghana to join us to walk and ride from Kumasi to Accra over a week from August 1st to 6th this year.

As a first of its kind and drawing inspiration from my 1st event, cycling the length and breadth of Ghana to raise GHC 2,500 for the Ghana Cleft Foundation, this cause will seek to raise funds and reach out to more vulnerable people in our country.
On July 1st 2006 I lost my mother to an illness called brain tumour (she survived the surgery but died a year after I lost my dad.), my family hero & brother. I decided I wanted to make a difference and help others in their memory so I spend a lot of my spare time raising funds and awareness for health related charities before I get into university.
Having completed a huge challenge last year for saints who have lost their smiles to cleft, I cycled over 2000km across Ghana to raise a little over ¢2,500 for the charity.
On the August 1st 2016 I will start my Kumasi to Accra challenge in aid of The Childhood Cancer Awareness KATH in memory of my late mum, my brother and many other people who have also lost loved ones to cancer.
Why We Fundraise
While the Childhood Cancer foundation are making progress toward a world without children dying from cancer, only with your dedication and fundraising efforts can we finish the fight against the disease among children for a brighter future.
With your help, we aren’t just fighting one type of cancer we’re fighting for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community in the country. Each person who shares the walk for charity experience can take pride in knowing that they are working to create a world where this disease will no longer threaten our loved ones or rob anyone of another birthday.

This physical challenge is nothing compared to the plight of the children suffering from Cancer & AIDS stigma and the families affected by life-limiting conditions. Cancer & AIDS are issues that affects us all, and your donation supports the Walk 4 Charity’s lifesaving mission.

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